The top 10 percent of A riders under 40-years-old in the series from the previous year must ride AA. Numbers are given in the finishing order from last season.
Below are the rows reserved for pro riders this year:
Row 21 – Broc Hepler
Row 22 – Robbie Jenks
Row 23 – Brian Melik
Row 24 – Zach Klamfoth
Row 25 – Chris Sturman
Row 26 – Eric Kriberney
Row 27 – Brett Zofchak
Row 28 – Jeff Melik
Row 29 – Jake Walters
Row 30 – Johnny Barber
Row 31 – Morgan Green
Row 32 – Travis Green
Row 33 – Trevor Kline
Per ACES rules, “The AA riders must notify the club no later than Wednesday night before the event, if they will require additional numbers on their row, and identify the riders that are riding with them. Without notification, only the AA rider’s number (not the row) will be reserved, and may be released if not claimed by 8:00 a.m. on the day of the event.” See: