Important Information

2024 Rules

Key Time, Classes & Fees

*All 2024 rule changes/additions in red

Key Time
Varies by event. Some clubs run the smaller kids in the morning and older kids and adults in afternoon, while some run them combined. Please refer to the club’s event information.

Points Classes
Class A – buddy (riding with a parent/guardian on the same bike)
Class B – ages 4-6
Class C – ages 7-8
Class D – ages 9-11
Class E – ages 12-13
Class F – ages 14-15
Class G – women: ages 11-15
Class H – women: ages 16+

Non-Points Classes
Class I – ages 16-39
Class J – ages 40-49
Class K – ages 50-59
Class L – ages 60+
Vintage (older than 1988)
Class X – parent chaperoning youth or trail rider (will not be scored)

Race Fees
Most clubs charge between $25-50 for entry
Everyone on a bike must pay an entry fee (parents, etc.)

Race Format & Scoring

Race Entry
The racer must enter by their name on their AMA card. (If your name on your AMA card is William Smith. Do not enter the race as Billy Smith.) You must also be sure to list your bike brand. Your age on January 1 determines the class that you ride for the entire season.

Tech Inspection

All tear-offs for goggles are banned at all ACES events. Violators shall be subject to penalties at the club’s discretion and may include up to be disqualified from the event. 

Race Format
The series is sanctioned by the AMA. Family enduros are categorized as recreational riding and do not fall under the AMA competition rulebook. These events are intended to assist with growing new riders. This is not a championship race series. 

The events use the timekeeping and/or restart format. The speed averages for these events are 12 to 18 miles per hour depending on the terrain and length of the sections. There is a break (reset or pause) in between each loop to allow the participants a break and to allow for the sweep riders to clear the trail.

The loops are typically all off road, so no lights / license are needed.

As a typical enduro, the checkpoints are secret. Each loop should have an emergency (tie breaker) check. In addition to the secret and emergency checks, the clubs are also encouraged to use observation checks – part of the enduro experience.

Row Assignments
All rider numbers will be drawn. For riders wishing to ride together, one rider will draw for all riders. If row is not empty, the closest empty row will be assigned. Youth under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult chaperone also riding the trail.

Scoring at the Race
If you’re unable to finish a race, but made it to the first check, be sure to turn in your scorecard to a club member BEFORE you leave the event. You could still receive points.

Once the protest period is over at the family enduro, the scores for that event final. It’s possible that mistakes happen in the key-in process with manual score cards, but after the referee calls the end of protest period the results are finalized. It’s the racer’s responsibility to stay and make sure the score is correct. If a racer chooses to leave before the end of the protest period, that’s their choice. Scores will not be changed when the racer gets home later and realizes something has been keyed in wrong. Results cannot be changed after the protest period is over and awards have been handed out.

Family Enduro Points & Advancement

Points System

Class points will be calculated using the scale below. Overall points are not calculated for family enduros, and there are no worker points. (although we still encourage you to help at ACES events!)

Family enduro riders must ride five (5) or more events to be considered for year-end awards. There are no throw-aways. Year-end awards will only be issued to youth (under 16 classes) and womens classes.

D14 or ECEA riders competing in an ACES event that pays D14 or ECEA points must notify the club if they want ECEA or D14 points, otherwise they will be paid ACES points only.

Where a rider finishes in a dual-sanction event is the place they will be given. (We will no longer be removing D14 and ECEA riders to calculate “ACES-only” updated rider placings)

If you see a mistake in the points listed on the website (meaning a human error in the input after the race, not a protest of placement), you must notify the Scorekeeper no later than one week after the event that you have a discrepancy with.

Any questions regarding points should be directed to: ACES Scorekeeeper

Points Scale
All classes will be calculated on the 20 point scale regardless of number of entrants.

Finish Position / Points
1st / 20
2nd / 16
3rd / 13
4th / 11
5th / 10
6th / 9
7th / 8
8th / 7
9th / 6
10th / 5
11th / 4
12th / 3
13th / 2
14th / 1

All ties in final points will be broken as follows:
-Rider with the most 1st place finishes.
-Then, the most 2nd place finishes if needed.
-Then, the most 3rd place finishes etc.
-If still tied, the winner of the last head to head competition will prevail.