The Ohio Valley Trail Riders are hosting the Lumberjack 100 Enduro this Sunday, Sept. 18, in Bergholz, OH. The restart format enduro will offer signup Saturday night from 6-7 p.m. and again starting at 7 a.m. on Sunday.

The club has reported that this year’s event will be six sections. The start will be at the firehouse and will immediately go onto Section 1 for 5.5 miles, followed by a 3-mile stretch of paved road to start Section 2. Section 2 will be 7.5 miles and leads directly (no road) to Section 3.  Section 3 is 9.5 miles and will be followed by 3 miles of paved and gravel roads to the gas stop. After the gas stop, C riders will bypass Section 4 and go to the start of Section 5.  Section 4 for the A/B riders will be 10.5 miles. After Section 4, there is an 8-mile paved and gravel road ride to Section 5. Section 5 (all riders) will be 3.5 miles and will lead to a quarter-mile of paved road and into Section 6, which will be 3 miles and finish up the day. There is a 5-mile ride back to the firehouse on paved road.

Total ground mileage will be just over 60, including transfers with one gas stop. There will be a gas truck and water sponsored by Tri-State Powersports close to 29 miles out.

The Bergholz Fire Department will host dinner Saturday and Sunday, as well as breakfast on Sunday.

Primitive Camping is available on Saturday night. If you’re looking for hotels to stay nearby, Carrollton (30 min away) has a Microtel, Candlewood Suites and Days Inn. Steubenville (45 min away) has a Hampton Inn, Best Western, Super 8 and Microtel.

If you raced at a prior ACES event this year where LiveLaps scoring was used, be sure to bring your transponder to signup to be re-programmed. Otherwise, you will have to purchase another one for $10.

As a reminder, we have posted the process on how to create a LiveLaps account below.

Riders should log into LiveLaps, and create a rider profile BEFORE THEY GET TO THE EVENT. If they already have one, then they are ready to go. Otherwise, they will have to stand in a separate line to do it at the race.

Riders should go to to create a rider profile.


What is LiveLaps?
LiveLaps is a cloud-based software company that has teamed with the KENDA AMA National Enduro Series and ACES to bring live scoring to the events starting in 2016.

Online Rider Profile Setup

  • Each rider will set up their personal profile online (1 time only). Once you set up your personal profile, you will receive a LiveLaps ID number that is unique to you. A rider can edit their info at anytime, so you can up-date your class, bike brand, etc.
  • Personal profile mandatory info includes: Name, address, birthdate, emergency contact, AMA number, class, bike size and bike brand.
  • Personal profile optional info includes: Riders photo, sponsors, social media links, local series numbers and phone number.
  • That’s it! Come to signup at the event, and we will take care of the rest.

Registration at the Event

  • At the event, you will come to signup with your transponder if you already have one or purchase one for $10. The transponder will be programmed while verifying your class.
  • Riders will still draw for row numbers. Yes, pro rows will be reserved.
  • Riding with friends: If you want to ride with friends, the first person to draw will be given a row number and the three additional friends can be manually added to that row by the staff running signup.

Event Scoring

  • A phone with the software will scan your transponder, attached to your front numberplate, at each check. This replaced the scorecard.
  • You will be able to view your times on your phone or on the scoring TV after the event.