The following AA rows will be reserved for 2018:

  • 21A Robbie Jenks
  • 22A Nick Fahringer
  • 23A Zach Klamfoth
  • 24A Billy Weaver
  • 25A Chris Sturman

These are based on the 2017 Overall A top finishers. Any rider wishing to ride AA for the 2018 season that is not on this list must notify each club BY WEDNESDAY BEFORE THE RACE of their desire for a AA spot. This does not apply to National Enduro events, which are managed by NEPG.

AMA B to A advancement and C to B advancement:
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ACES C to B advancement:

  • John Reedy
  • Bobby Billiter
  • Justin Dorsey
  • Tyler Vaughn
  • Cy Banovsky
  • Kevin Carpenter

This is a result of:
-Winning the C class for the year
-Two or more class wins
-Self-promotion to B