Hocking Valley Motorcycle Club will host the Jake-Tom Family Enduro on Saturday, Oct. 12 in Logan, OH.

Sign Up: 8:30-11 a.m.

AM Group: 11 a.m. | PM Group: 2 p.m.

AM Group
A: “buddy” – rides on tank of adult
B: ages 4-6
C: ages 7-8
D: ages 9-11
E: ages 12-13
F: ages 14-15

PM Group
G: Girls 11-15
H: Women 16+
I: ages 16-39
J: ages 40-49
K: ages 50-59
L: ages 60+
VINTAGE: (older than 1988)
Class X or Parent: no points or trophy

Cost: $25 + $10 refundable deposit for transponder chip

Location: 13121 Jake-Tom Road, Logan, OH 43138

Route: Single-track trails that are FUN! Bring the kids. (motorcycles only)

Must wear required safety gear.
Minors must have legal guardians present to sign release.

Free primitive camping on Friday night.