Muddobbers Family Enduro: June 11

Muddobbers Motorcycle Club
Class Results, MMC Family Enduro

ADR Family Enduro: June 18

Appalachian Dirt Riders
Class Results, ADR Family Enduro

Weed Whacker Family Enduro: July 30

Valley Trail Riders
Class Results, VTR Family Enduro

Grassy Family Enduro: Aug 13

Ohio Woods Riders
Class Results, OWR Family Enduro

Peace Pipe Family Enduro: Sept 10

Treaty City Motorcycle Club
Class Results, TCMC Family Enduro

Jake-Tom Family Enduro: Oct 8

Hocking Valley Motorcycle Club
AM Class Results, HVMC Family Enduro
PM Class Results, HVMC Family Enduro

Art Mitchell Memorial Family Enduro: Oct 16

Chillicothe Enduro Riders Association
Class Results, CERA Family Enduro
2022 Series Points

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2022 Family Enduro Class Standings — Award eligible highlighted (updated Dec. 30)

Note: Riders must race five (5) family enduro events in order to be considered for year-end awards, and year-end awards will only be issued to youth (under 16 classes) and all women classes.