2019 Lumberjack 100 Enduro Preview

The Ohio Valley Trail Riders will host the Lumberjack 100 Enduro on Sunday, Aug. 18, in Bergholz, OH. It is a restart format enduro.

This event will be a closed-course (Headlight and license plate are NOT required), restart format event with 5 riders per row.

Scoring will be done electronically using LiveLaps. Visit https://www.livelaps.com/promoter?5469 to pre-enter this event. Pre-entry closes at midnight on Aug. 14.

If you already have a LiveLaps profile, you are ready to pre-enter. If you need to create a LiveLaps profile, please visit https://www.livelaps.com/admin/participantRegistration. YOU MUST HAVE A LIVELAPS ACCOUNT SET-UP TO RACE!

If you have a LiveLaps transponder chip from a previous event, you must bring it to sign up to be re-programmed. If you need to purchase a LiveLaps transponder chip, they will be available for purchase on race day for $10.

The club said the event will start from the firehouse, as always. Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast are available for purchase.

From the start there is a 3.5 paved road ride to restart section 1. Section 1 is 10.5 miles of flowing trail with two grass tracks (combined over 1.7 mi)

Less than .5 mile dirt road to start section 2.  This section is 7.5 miles of all single-track.

Out of section 2 is 1.5 miles of dirt road to the gas stop (23 ground miles). There will be a gas trailer, and the stop is easily accessible for pit crews — just 5 miles from the firehouse.

From the gas stop there is a 2-mile dirt road section to start of section 3. Section 3 is 7 miles mostly flowing single-track, with a few tight sections and feeds directly into section 4.

Section 4 is 6.5 miles of single-track and feeds directly into section 5.

Section 5 is 8 miles of faster single-track with just a bit of tight stuff.

The B and C riders will follow 2 miles of trail back to the firehouse, 28 ground miles back from gas. A riders will ride Section 6. This will be 4-plus miles and should be deserving of being rated “A only.”

The club believes this will be a fun ride for all. Challenging enough for A guys, but rideable by all with a lot of flowing trail and bypasses around the really big hills.

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