The 2020 ACES schedule is published. Please mark your calendars.

ACES clubs need help in order to keep the sport of enduros alive. Therefore, ACES has implemented some changes, effective for the 2020 season.


1) ACES local enduros henceforth shall be $60 entry for points classes, and $45 for sportsman, vintage, and dual sport classes.

Please note: There has not been a price increase in ACES for over 12 years. The clubs are all struggling to get by with the increased costs of insurance and operations.

2) In order to qualify for ACES year-end awards, all enduro riders must be active, working club members of an ACES club. First year ACES riders shall be exempt.

View official rules.

LODI and AMC cannot host an enduro in 2020 without immediate help. 

Enduro worker points are issued by the host club for active, working club members that have ridden either the majority of, or the entire enduro course during the enduro layout work for the respective host club enduro event. The understanding is that there may be circumstances where active, working club members have worked diligently to assist the club with preparing for an enduro, but may still be allowed to race the club event. This will be at the discretion of each of the respective club’s leadership.

At the end of the 2020 enduro season, clubs will supply ACES with a list of Active, Working Club Members and a list of members that get Worker points.

All ACES clubs have different needs. If you are not currently an active, working club member in one of the ACES clubs, and would like to be, please reach out to a club leader. Phone numbers for the contacts below can be found here.

LODI: Greg Meeks
AMC: Alan Trout
ADR: Mike Jolly
OVTR: Norm Into
CERA: Shane Sims
OWR: Kory Young
ERA: Dick Havenar
MDMC: Doug Spence
TCMC: Dan Knecht