Enduro Riders of Ohio will host the Little Burr Enduro on Sunday, June 14.

The address is 154 Main St, Wilkesville, OH 45695. This event will be a restart format enduro. DO NOT enter a check before it is your time to be in the section, or you will be disqualified.

Tech inspection will check for a headlight, taillight, and a license plate on your bike.

For the first gas available, riders will loop back to the start for a gas stop.

The club is working with Vinton County officials and Wilkesville leaders to host the enduro as planned. The club says they need everyone’s cooperation.

  • OVERNIGHT CAMPING WILL BE AVAILABLE ON A LIMITED BASIS for $25. The town of Wilkesville will be receiving all of the money from camping. Enduro Riders of Ohio will not profit from the camping fee. Call Bob Short to reserve a camping spot at 740 Nine 7 Two 4214 Once they are gone, they are gone.
  • Please practice social distancing as recommended by the CDC
  • Please limit the number of non-participants
  • No awards presented at event. Scoring will be completed and posted on LiveLaps the week following.

The club is ONLY ACCEPTING PRE-ENTRIES on LiveLaps due to social distancing rules and guidelines. No signup on race day!

On race day, you will need to bring:

  • transponder (available for $10)
  • AMA card
  • your own ink pen
  • face mask
  • route card holder — A “reset” is a pause, and you should use that pause. Do not enter a test section early.


Pre-entry opens Friday, May 29 at 8 p.m. on LiveLaps. Visit to https://www.livelaps.com/event?2498 to pre-enter this event. Pre-entry closes Thursday, June 11 at midnight. No signup on race day!

If you already have a LiveLaps profile, you are ready to pre-enter. If you need to create a LiveLaps profile, please visit https://www.livelaps.com/admin/participantRegistration. YOU MUST HAVE A LIVELAPS ACCOUNT SET-UP TO RACE!

All ACES pro rows will be held in LiveLaps. All AA riders and their row-mates will need to signup on LiveLaps once the event goes live. Once payment is received, ACES will move AA riders and row-mates onto the appropriate row. AA riders: Please contact either the hosting club or Kory via the ACES website regarding your row-mates and to confirm.

The only signup on race day will be for non-scored riders (sportsman), and they will leave after the last racer. $50 CASH exact change only. Sportsman riders will not be scored, and do not need a chip.

SCORING CHANGE: Event scores will be on LiveLaps after the event. You will be able to check the scores on your phone, tablet or computer. There will not be a leaderboard (TV) setup at the event. Trophies will be mailed out after the event. Protest period will start as soon as all of the scores are uploaded post-race.