The 2020 Lumberjack will be take place August 16 in Bergholz, OH. Voted “Favorite Enduro” by ACES riders for the past 5 years in a row, the club says it will be “better than ever” with more single track and less road.

The start location will again be at the Bergholz Volunteer Fire Department.

This year’s restart format event will be six sections, with two being completely new sections.

  • A short 1-mile ride on two-track brings riders to the first new section. It’s 5.5 miles to get warmed up.
  • The second section begins less than a 1/2 mile ride across a field and will be 10 miles of pure single-track with a nice flow and some big hills.
  • Cross the road to start Section 3 for 8 miles of technical single track. A short two mile dirt road ride leads to gas stop. There will be a gas trailer and water available.
  • Then back into the woods for 6.5 miles in Section 4. Lots of new trail to this flowing single track.
  • Popping out on a dirt road, riders will go less than 1/2 mile to start Section 5, which is 10.5 miles — including 3 separate grass tracks totaling almost 3 miles!
  • Finally……. some pavement to rest albeit only a mile (and two more of dirt road) before starting Section 6, which is 7.5 miles of all new trail that ends in “downtown” Bergholz for a short ride back the firehouse.

Mileage is approximately 26 miles to Gas and 29 miles back to the finish, for a total of 55 miles.

The club has great cooperation from local law enforcement and sheriffs department, so no plates are required for this ride. Please have a reasonably quiet exhaust and spark arrestor.

The club is ONLY ACCEPTING PRE-ENTRIES on LiveLaps. No signup on race day!
The only riders allowed to sign up that day will be dual sport class (no scoring).

On race day, you will need to bring:

  • transponder (available for $10)
  • AMA card: YOU MUST HAVE CURRENT AMA MEMBERSHIP. The club will not be selling AMA renewals on race day. Please, please, please do not show up thinking you can renew your AMA card onsite.
  • your own ink pen
  • face mask
  • route card holder — A “reset” is a pause, and you should use that pause. Do not enter a test section early.

As riders the grounds, entry packets will be provided with race number sticker, route sheet rider information etc. There will be no sign-up lines.

If you have a livelaps RFID tape strip under your helmet visor it will work with the new scoring system.

If you need a new RFID tape strip, they will be available Saturday evening from 5-7 p.m. and Sunday morning from 7-9 a.m.. This is a simple process:

  • Station 1: purchase RFID strip (cash only)
  • Station 2: stop to have strip associated to your LiveLaps account
  • Station 3: test that strip is working correctly.

This should be a quick and smooth process, please try to maintain some distancing if a line forms.

The club asks that riders keep their helmets on at section starts, and please ask your family and crew not to congregate around the starts and checks.

With the new LiveLaps scoring system, checkers will no longer need to push the phone up against the scoring chips, so safe distancing should not be an issue.

COVID info from the club:
“My crystal ball is not working, and I cannot tell what the Governor may decide in the next month, but the Lumberjack is a go! In order to be as protected from new rules as possible, and for the well-being of all our workers and riders, I ask that you follow some basic guidelines:

  • At present there are no restrictions on overnight primitive camping. Please do not arrive at the firehouse before 4 pm Saturday.
  • At present the fire dept is planning on serving food Saturday night and Sunday.
  • Please maintain reasonable spacing and wear a mask when in groups, signup, etc. Regardless of your personal belief about all this, it is a simple courtesy to others AND will help us to avoid any issues with county or state health authorities.”


Pre-entry opens Monday, July 20 at 8 p.m. on LiveLaps. Visit to to pre-enter this event. Pre-entry closes Thursday, Aug 13 at midnight. No signup on race day!

If you already have a LiveLaps profile, you are ready to pre-enter. If you need to create a LiveLaps profile, please visit YOU MUST HAVE A LIVELAPS ACCOUNT SET-UP TO RACE!

All ACES pro rows will be held in LiveLaps. All AA riders and their row-mates will need to signup on LiveLaps once the event goes live. Once payment is received, ACES will move AA riders and row-mates onto the appropriate row. AA riders: Please contact either the hosting club or Kory via the ACES website regarding your row-mates and to confirm.

The only signup on race day will be for non-scored riders (sportsman), and they will leave after the last racer. $50 CASH exact change only. Sportsman riders will not be scored, and do not need a chip.


Event scores will be on LiveLaps after the event. You will be able to check the scores on your phone, tablet or computer.

Protest period will run online through 9 a.m. Tuesday morning. After that time, results will be final. Awards, including state champ plaques, will be mailed out the week following the race.

Any questions or concerns please contact Norm or text him at 2 ONE 6 – FIVE 1 THREE – 1 TWO 9 SEVEN