Enduro Riders of Ohio will host the Little Burr Enduro on Sunday, June 20. This event will be a restart format event.

Pre-entry opens Friday, June 4 at 8 p.m. on LiveLaps. Visit to https://www.livelaps.com/event?6061 to pre-enter this event.

If you already have a LiveLaps profile, you are ready to pre-enter. If you need to create a LiveLaps profile, please visit https://www.livelaps.com/admin/participantRegistration. YOU MUST HAVE A LIVELAPS ACCOUNT SET-UP TO RACE!

All ACES pro rows will be held in LiveLaps. All AA riders and their row-mates will need to signup on LiveLaps once the event goes live. Once payment is received, ACES will move AA riders and row-mates onto the appropriate row. AA riders: Please contact either the hosting club or Kory via the ACES website regarding your row-mates and to confirm.