Broc Hepler Wins Overall

Triston Landrum Wins Overall A,
Cope Beckert Wins Overall B

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Pennsylvania-native Broc Hepler, once a Supercross competitor, has transitioned quite nicely into enduro riding. He snatched the Overall win on both days of the Little Raccoon Enduro in Wellston, OH on June 14 and 15. The enduro also served as one of two ISDE qualifiers in the country.

Eighty-five ACES competitors faced off on Day 1 and 66 competitors on Day 2. It was a hot weekend in the mid-80s, but it wasn’t unbearable for riders. The hot weather made for dusty conditions, especially on the grass track portion of the track.

Hepler just started riding enduros last year, but he has been racing motocross since he was four years old.

“I have a lot of friends that race enduros and my dad has always ridden single-track with me, so I have always been interested in the competition,” Hepler said. “I feel that riding enduros allows me to be safer by riding within my limits instead of racing head-to-head and riding over the edge.”

Hepler said he enjoys enduros because he can ride with friends and he likes that trail that is challenging and not worn out like some of the other series. “It’s great that we don’t cover the same ground throughout the whole day,” Hepler said.

On Day 1, Hepler finished with 4751 seconds, while West Virginian Sam Evans finished with 4833 seconds. Zach Klamfoth took the third place spot, accumulating 4965 seconds and Josh Gaitten took fourth, accumulating 5024 points. Trevor Kline rounded out the top five with 5030 seconds.

On Day 2, Hepler finished 265 seconds ahead of Zach Klamfoth, who dropped 4429. Josh Gaitten took third with 4505 seconds, Trevor Kline took fourth and Jake Fiola took fifth.

Hepler says he hasn’t been training other than just riding for fun. “After having to work hard in the past

[as a Supercross competitor] it is difficult to find the motivation to train for something you are doing for fun,” Hepler said.

He said his bike worked great and he had his girlfriend, Dawn, and the McCarrens running his chase truck. “The only parts that needed changed throughout the two days were a rear wheel bearing and rear brake pads,” Hepler said. “I keep my YZ stock, except for PR2 suspension and a FMF pipe.”

He said he thought the course was awesome. “Even the transfer sections had great trail, but I wish they would have had more tests or varied which ones were timed for the second day,” Hepler said. “The hardest part of the day was the dry conditions. Luckily, the transfer sections were the dustiest, so you had time to hang back. I just wish at times I would have backed my speed down, so I could have limited my mistakes. You don’t want to slow up, but when you ride too fast you miss turns and have small tip-overs which defeat the purpose of riding fast.”

Moving forward, Hepler said he still wants to improve on his timekeeping skills. “This year’s Grassman Enduro was the first race that I didn’t have someone with a lot of experience to helping me enter checks,” Hepler said. “The ISDE allowed me to just worry about racing.”

He would like to thank PR2 suspension and motors, Lojak’s Cycle, Scott Goggles, 6D Helmets, and FMF.

“I also want to thank everyone that is involved with organizing ACES events,” Hepler said. “It is great to see how much work all of the clubs do for us racers to have new trail at each race.”

Overall A
Aboard a Yamaha, 250A rider Triston Landrum took the Overall A win on both days. He beat Eric Kriberney by 81 seconds on Day 1 and 85 seconds on Day 2. Landrum has historically been a GNCC competitor, but took up enduros last year, taking the Overall B championship for the season.

Overall B
On both days of the Little Raccoon Enduro, Cope Beckert, a 250B class rider, took the Overall B win. He finished at 5570 seconds.

He said his grandpa, Larry, and his dad, Fred, got him into riding when he was three years old. He just started riding enduros this year.

“I like the fact that enduros are more technical,” Beckert said. “But it’s hard for me to hold back on my speed and not go all out. Plus, you never know what position you are in.”

He says in order to stay fit he rides his bicycle, lift weights and does endurance training.

Beckert beat Joseph Geyer, Jr. by 47 seconds and Edward Rahn by 179 seconds on Day 1.

On Day 2, Beckert finished 260 seconds ahead of Edward Rahn and 287 seconds ahead of John Bittner III.

Beckert said he thought that overall the layout was pretty awesome. “There were a couple sections that were difficult, but I just kept telling myself to be smooth and keep pushing,” Beckert said. “I just wish I would have pushed a little harder towards the end. I wanted to break into the top 20, but I finished 21st overall. My bike worked awesome, though. My dad always makes sure my bike is in perfect condition.”

He says now that he knows where he stands in comparison to other competitors, he thinks he can keep up the pace for the rest of the season.

He would like to thank God for always keeping him safe, his mom , his dad (who also serves as his mechanic), Coler Drug, NAPA Autoparts, Formation Cementing, Wheelsports, In-Town Body Shop, Beckert Outdoor Power, Dunlop Tires, MSR, FMF, and Leatt Braces.

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