URGENT: Enduro clubs that are involved with ACES are really struggling with help, especially with layout. Some of the ACES races are at risk of not happening next year, because they have little to no help.

For the 2020 ACES season, ACES is seriously considering following the lead of other regional enduro series (ECEA, etc.) by mandating that racers will have to be active members in an enduro club in order to get year-end award points. Please help us avoid this mandate.

Please pick an ACES club and join up! You will get series worker points equal to your best finish for the year, and you’ll make a bunch of new riding friends.

Clubs will expect you to be involved in trail work and enduro layout. You cannot just show up for a race to work a check and get points. You must put in time with layout, trail work, arrowing, etc.  You will ride a lot of trail doing this!

Please contact ACES or one of the clubs in the series for more info. The Lost in Lodi Enduro Group (Shade, OH) needs help more than anyone. Please help us keep enduros alive for the current and future generations!