IMPORTANT: Scores from CERA have been updated. There have been some placing changes due to an invalid section of the course.

After checking the AMA enduro rulebook, it was discovered that the last section of the Art Mitchell Memorial Enduro was not a valid section. Per the AMA rulebook, the finish point of a race must be known control such as a turn or posted mileage on the route sheet. Since the route sheet did not have an ending mileage, and the last line of the route sheet was a turn on the road prior to the last section, the section should be thrown out. Only the first 10 checkpoints will be scored, and the race is over after the 10th check.

CERA sincerely apologizes that a mistake was made and it affected the outcome of the race. The AMA has allowed us to make a correction to the results. The club feels that this is the fairest way to resolve the issue.

CERA has put on quality off-road events since 1972 and the club feels that the only way to continue to keep the integrity of the events is to make this change. This is the only way to own up to the mistake and we wouldn’t feel right handling it any other way.

The rule is as follows:
16. The finish point must be a Known Control, and if the scheduled Rest Stop or Gas Stop is also a checkpoint, it too must be a Known Control. Final scoring may be a secret check prior to the finish. Under this option, an organizer may also have an observed check at the finish point. However, these conditions must be explained on the route sheet.

New Results: