Round 5 of ACES is this weekend, July 17 in McArthur, OH. This is the first race that will use electronic scoring. (disregard the headline in email that says you have to create a profile. That only applies to the national event in Aug. For this weekend, just show up to race!)

At the race:

Step 1: Buy your reusable transponder chip at the event for $10. You will keep your reusable chip for all ACES transponder-scored events for this season.

Step 2: Be sure that your chip is adhered to your numberplate sticker that is given to you at registration. Then attach with the industrial velcro we supply. These chips will be attached opposite your brake hose. (the left side of the numberplate when looking at your sticker). You may use clear tape over your chip to further secure the chip if you are concerned that you may lose it. DO NOT use duct tape to secure the chip. It will stop the chip from being read at the check points.

Step 3: You will “STOP” at each checkpoint the same way that you would if you had a scorecard on your fender. The check crews will use a hand-held device to “SCAN” your chip at each of the checkpoints. This is faster than writing on a scorecard. You may leave the checkpoint once the check crew has your scan confirmed and tells you to “go.”

At a “RESTART” “IN” check, your chip may be scanned before you are released to enter the section. The checkpoint crew will release you once your minute flips. As long as you are early to your “IN” checks, your scan will read your keytime for the check. If you are late to an “IN” check, you must be stopped and scanned as you come through.

Step 4: Once the event is over, remove your chip from your disposable ACES event rider number decal. Keep the chip in a safe place for the next ACES event. Bring your chip to sign-up at the next ACES event. If you lose your chip, you can purchase a replacement for $10.

Event scores will be viewable on under ACES and the event name.

If you have questions, contact the ACES president.