Scores for ACES competitors who rode the Muddobbers National Enduro are posted. We understand that there are some people missing and some scores are incorrect. It is a bit of a challenge to pull only our riders’ from all the riders scores. If you find that you are not listed or are listed with the wrong score, please contact Mike Copsey ASAP. ¬†We are working to rectify this.

NOTE: If you have ever ridden or are riding an “A” class in ACES or ANY off-road series, according to the 2015 AMA Off-Road Rules, you are an “A” rider for life, at every off-road event (doesn’t matter if it is a local race or a national). The only way you can drop back a class is through appeal with the AMA.

For the 2016 season, ACES Riders will be responsible for riding the same class at the National Event that they do at ACES races. Please plan on this if you are riding for ACES points next year. For ACES classes that are split at the nationals, we will come to an agreement among the ACES Governing Board about the best and most fair scenario for scoring.