A new event in the ACES schedule this year, the Three Springs Enduro in Three Springs, PA, offers pre-entry which saves riders $5 off entry.

If a rider has particular row that they would like, they can drop a note in with their pre-entry form. Forms must be received by Aug. 2. Rows 21-30 are reserved for ACES pro riders.

The pre-entry form can be found on the Green Marble Enduro Riders website. This is a co-sanctioned event with ECEA.

The club will also be hosting a youth enduro on Saturday. Sign-up starts at noon and the race begins at 3 p.m. It will be held about 3.5 miles from the fire hall.

The town pool will also be open and free for all riders and their families Saturday until 11 p.m. and all day Sunday. The pool is located on-site, next to the fire hall.

There will be a pasta dinner at the fire hall on Saturday and later a showing of The John Penton Story movie at 8 p.m. Breakfast by the Lions Club will be available on Sunday. Additionally, there will be a to-go lunch for anyone after the race on Sunday. Questions about the event can be directed to Chris Borger.

If anyone will be bringing a big rig (over 40’) please email Joe Warwick to make a reservation. The GMER have special parking for only about 15 rigs.