URGENT! Round 10 of ACES is combined with the Muddobbers National Enduro in Matthews, IN, on October 10.

If you are planning to ride the event for ACES points, you must pre-enter immediately, as the nationals fill up early (sometimes even within a few hours of pre-entry opening up).

We will run according to national rules and cannot save spots for ACES riders. Pre-entry opened online last night (July 29). We realize it’s a couple months away, but if you don’t pre-enter and there are no spots open the day of the race, we cannot help you.

Pre-enter on the National Enduro website. Sign up for whatever class you would usually ride at a national and we will pull your scores out for ACES later. (EX – if you ride A in ACES, but you ride Vet at the nationals)

The National Enduro Promotions Group has limited the event to the first 500 riders. If you want to ride with someone, please make sure that you all enter online at the same time. Please note there are NO REFUNDS.

If you have questions about what class you should ride at a national-level event, contact Kory Young with questions.